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Mayor's greeting

picture of Mayor of Nam-gu, Park Woosub

I'm Kim Jeong-sik, the 7th director of Michuhol-gu office, Incheon Metropolitan City by popular election.

Nice people create a nice city, which, in turn, produces nice people.

Nam-gu, the region of historic and cultural birthplace of Incheon Metropolitan City, where everyone lives peacefully, changed its name into Michuhol-gu and took the first step.
Now, Michuhol-gu came to have an opportunity to take a leap to become a central region by overcoming the stagnated period until now; we will try every effort to create a region where everyone living in every corner of region can be happy.
Michuhol-gu, where everyone can live well together,
Michuhol-gu, where everyone truly live well,
Michuhol-gu, where everyone lives well again,
Michuhol-gu, where everyone can communicate with each other,
Michuhol-gu, which is a perfect region

These changes will be possible when you residents perform the real-life politics in your life and actively communicate each other.
I'll push forward to a hopeful future by opening a golden era of Michuhol-gu, which is human-centered city where everyone feels happy and children, who are our region's future, can spread their wings and the senior citizens can be respected.

I hope the homepage of our district's office will be an open place where you can convey your opinion and provide various information.

And I wish you can make beautiful memories in Michuhol-gu and realize your dream. As a messenger of Michuhol-gu, I'll try my best to create our district a hopeful region where every resident can be an owner and as a center of Incheon Metropolitan City

Thank you.

Mayor of Nam-gu, Incheon Park Woosub

Mayor's brief personal history
Kim Jeong-Sik, Mayor of Michuhol-gu, the seventh representative elected by popular vote

Academic background
- 1975.Mar ~ 1981.Feb Andong Yongsang Elementary School
- 1981.Mar ~ 1984. Feb Kyongdug Middle School
- 1984. Mar ~ 1987. Feb Andong High School
- 1988. Mar ~ 1994.Aug Department of History education, Daegu University
- 2013. Mar ~ 2015.Aug Department of administration, Inha University Graduate School

Work experience
- 2001 ~ 2012 Director and vice president of academy association of Incheon Metropolitan City
- 2006 ~ present Director of Head Office of Habitat for Hopeful Korea
- 2010 ~ 2010 Secretary of the director of Nam-gu office, Incheon Metropolitan City
- 2010 ~ 2010 Organization director of the Democratic Party, Incheon Metropolitan City
- 2012 ~ 2013 Secretary of Youn Kwan-suk, a member of National Assembly
- 2012 ~ 2012 A member of Emergency Operations Room of Moon Jae-in, a candidate of 18th Korean presidential election
- 2013 ~ 2014 Organization director of local election planning team at New Politics Alliance for Democracy (NPAD), Incheon Metropolitan City
- 2014 ~ 2015 Planning leader of Administrative decentralization policy fair
- 2016 ~ 2018 Management director of Incheon Metropolitan Facilities Management Corporation
- 2018 ~ 2018 Policy adviser to Woo Won-shik, a representative of a party of Democratic Party of Korea
- 2018 ~ present Vice president of policy committee at a party of Democratic Party of Korea
- 2018. July. 7th Director of Michuhol-gu office, Incheon Metropolitan City by popular election